Welcome to the Museum of the Plains


The depot was built in 1899.  It was built to a standard of 1893 with a 10 ft. extension on the freight room.  The Fargo Depot belonged to the Shattuck branch, plains division.  W.F. Maxwell was the depot agent in 1982.  The Santa Fe colors from 1825 to 1886 were mineral brown with bronze trim and white window sashes.  From 1920 to 1940 the colors were colonial yellow and bronze with green trim and white window sashes.  In 1940 the colors were all colonial yellow.  In August of 1979 the depot was moved to the Museum of The Plains.  The first building moved onto the museum grounds. Santa Fe contributed it to the Museum of The Plains.  The wooden depot building was donated to the museum board.  Lloyd Lofland House Movers moved the 76x23 ft. building from Fargo to Perryton.  (You can find this in volume 62 of the Perryton Herald.)